Indoor Air Surveys

Choosing the right Indoor Air Quality consultant is critical to the health and welfare of your employees and tenants. The right consultant not only provides accurate and timely findings while saving you time and money by solving your problems right the first time. CSE has over 25 years of experience delivering prompt and timely solutions to our clients.

CSE investigates and resolves indoor air quality concerns raised by the following:

Each issue is unique and CSE’s goal is to identify and solve indoor air quality complaints in a way that prevents them from recurring and which avoids the creation of other problems. To achieve this goal, we investigate whether a complaint is actually related to indoor air quality, identify the cause of the complaint, and determine the most appropriate corrective actions.

We start with a site walk-through to evaluate:

Indoor Air Survey

Often, a simple explanation provides the best solution. Therefore we focus on easily obtainable information about the history of complaints, the individuals involved, where and when the problems started.

Although air sampling for logical response to indoor air quality concerns, it often does not identify the cause of the problems. While certain basic measurements, e.g., temperature, relative humidity, CO2, and air movement, can provide a useful “snapshot” of current building conditions, sampling for specific pollutant concentrations is often not required to solve the problem and can even be misleading.

What Clients Think

What Clients Think