Commercial & Industrial Noise Assessments

CSE services include source-level and background noise measurements. These measurements are used to perform regulatory compliance assessments, acquire local governmental permits , and prepare expert reports.

Noise Measurement Services

CSE travels to properties across Central PA to measure noise levels being generated by commercial and industrial activities. Depending upon the situation, CSE services include sound power level determinations, regulatory compliance measurements, and ambient noise surveys. Our measurement surveys can be as simple as a one-hour test or they can be expanded assessments incorporating meteorological data and source systems information. We utilize equipment meeting applicable portions of American National Standards Institute (ANSI) S1 (Acoustics) standards, with current, certified, and traceable calibrations, and we utilize applicable portions of ANSI S12 (Noise) measurement procedures.

Commercial and Industrial Noise Assessments

Definition of Regulatory Limits

Noise can be a controversial issue and it is important to show how measurements compare with regulatory limits. But limits often are not available or it is very confusing process assessing how they apply. Some governments limit maximum noise levels. Others have day-night noise restrictions or requirements on tonal noise levels. Sometimes limits are on the equivalent noise level that is observed over a specified number of hours. Some zoning districts or land uses don’t have any applicable limits. CSE can assist you in interpreting your noise level requirements and can prepare defensible arguments regarding the defined limits. If needed, CSE will prepare a clear and defensible report or presentation that may be critical for your project. The report and follow-up negotiations are designed to gain the trust of the public, board, or court. We always strive to balance technical details, with clear text and graphics.

What Clients Think

What Clients Think