CSE was established in 1998 and is led by Mark C. Mummert. PE, CIH. Mark has 35 years of environmental experience as a consultant and corporate manager.

He has served clients of different sizes in the oil. gas. mineral. utility, construction. and general manufacturing industries.

He has worked both as a consultant and a purchaser of consulting services.

Mark has set the following principles for CSE:

Mark C. Mummert. PE, CIH

Personalized Business Relationships

CSE believes that there are multiple ways to approach a problem or project. and each client requires personalized attention. Our goal is to treat your project as though it were our own.


CSE understands that your schedule dictates performance of the project. Our goal is to respond to all client inquires promptly.

Cost Conscious Management

CSE realizes that money spent on environmental compliance is diverted from your core business. Our goal is to accurately predict and manage
your project costs.

What Clients Think

What Clients Think